October 25th – Here Comes The Cold

It seems to me that we just did laundry, but the basket was overflowing and the drawers rather empty this morning.  After getting Janet on her way that meant a trip to the local laundromat for me.  I ended up with 3 full washer loads so it was obviously time.

I found the crowd at the laundromat very interesting.  With two exceptions, all the other patrons were male forty years and older.  Not what I would have expected.

Two of the guys were local stock car drivers.  It was interesting to listen to their tales of their exploits and troubles on the local track.  I also found it interesting that one of the two men was African-American.  Not the typical profile of a southern stock car racer.

Well Janet was pretty cold all day and after looking at the forecast I determined that we needed to get a campground where we could plug in and run our space heater all night.  The forecast was a low of 33 degrees.  I was worried about us being cold and the water pipes possibly freezing which would be a big mess and expensive to fix.  The only place close to where we wanted to be was a KOA in Wytheville.

The KOA campgrounds are always nice, but typically the most expensive in the area.  I think part of that is they try to have a lot of activities to keep campers amused.  This KOA had a bowling alley and amusement center.

Of course I had to check it our.  They had a lot of games to play.

Included in the fun were a couple of batting cages.  I was smart enough to know that I would likely hit nothing and be terribly sore the next day so I passed.

I did try out a couple of games and got reminded that I don’t have the eye/hand coordination to be a fighter pilot or race car driver!

Hopefully the puppies and us stay warm tonight!

One thought on “October 25th – Here Comes The Cold”

  1. Figured you would be the only one at the campground but I saw another camper in the picture. Hope you’re able to stay warm and your pipes don’t freeze.

    That’s a pretty swanky KOA campground you’re at. As a parent I see it as a money drain, as the kids would always be asking for money to play the games. It might be cheaper to stay in a hotel.

    I am excited for you to head home. Sounds like you’ll be heading west in less than a week. Take care of yourself.

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