October 23rd – Good Pickin

I was looking forward to today as there were several antique malls in Wytheville, VA that I wanted to visit.  What made that even better is they are located next to one another.  Bonus!

Yesterday when I was driving I noticed that this area of Virginia is where a lot of Christmas trees are located.  I was amazed at how uniform the larger trees were.  They were like little soldiers lined up for inspection.  Really beautiful trees.  This picture shows some new growth.

Also, all along the roadway were the remnants of large pumpkin patches.  It was sad to see all the orphans that were left behind.  Maybe one that I saw will be where Linus waits for the Great Pumpkin this year!

You are probably getting tired of all the antique store pictures.  I have to say I am still enjoying walking through them.  It brings back memories from my past.  I’m also intrigued by what people have kept over the years and what some vendor thinks you should pay for it now.

I still learn something new most trips into the stores.  This vendor had lots of knives for sale.  I found out that those are highly collectible too.

This gas pump was in excellent condition and not for sale.  My guess is this would cost between $2,000 – 3,000.

Janet told me this was the pattern of the dishes her family used when she was growing up.  Things from her childhood are antiques now too!

This vendor had everything Coca Cola. I’ve seen a lot of Coke stuff in the stores, but nothing close to what this vendor had all in one place.  My picture doesn’t cover half of the booth.

Coloring with that old 50’s cowboy Hop-A-Long Cassidy would be very expensive today.  The price was $175.

My guess is that young people today would have no idea of who Lil’ Abner was or how big that comic strip was once upon a time.  Heck, unless they watch the TV-land channel they might not know Charlies’ Angels either.

One of my favorite TV shows as a kid.  Might have been partly because the lead actor was Hugh O’Brien.  This little gun and holster set will set you back $175.  Memories don’t come cheap!

Speaking of memories not being cheap, this Roy Rogers lunchbox is the most expensive one of those items I’ve have seen on this trip.  For something that is likely 60 years old or more it was in terrific shape, but only the most serious collector would spend $250.

This is the kind of vendor booth I like looking through.  They had a lot of things to look through – pop bottles, coins, records, yardsticks, license plates, and so much more.

A trend that started some time back was people framing old album covers as wall decorations.  I found this Beatles Sargent Pepper’s for sale at $25.   No record – just the cover.

Once upon a time I got to ride in the real Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile.  It was fun for a few minutes.  Not sure if a kid would want to ride around in one all the time.

Janet again found us a nice place to camp.  Traffic on the highway seems pretty light so I don’t expect much noise tonight.



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