October 22nd – Wild Horses

I was a little concerned about today as we were in a zone of no cell service.  I rely on that for my Google Map directions and to communicate with Janet during the day.  It’s my safety blanket that she is ok and I get to the right spot to meet here.  We did have wi-fi at Sarge’s campground so we start the directions while we were still there so once I dropped Janet back on the trail I could find my way to our spot.

With the lack of cell signal I decided it was too risky to do any exploring so I went straight to our meeting spot in the Grayson Highlands State Park.  With the fall colors in full bloom it was a beautiful place to be.  Also it is a very popular outdoor location which afforded me a lot of people watching time. One of the reasons that people come here to hike is a herd of wild horses.

I had to park a little ways from the trail head parking area to find a flat spot to park the RV.  Without a cell signal there was no way to alert Janet to the change, but luckily she found us.

The park had campgrounds with water and electricity so we made the decision to stay here for the night.  On our way to the campsite I saw one of the wild horses – a very pretty paint.  A stroke of good luck was when we found we do have good signal at the campground.  That will let Janet send me the needed directions for tomorrow.  I plan on doing a little exploring in the town of Marion if everything goes as planned.

One thought on “October 22nd – Wild Horses”

  1. Sounds like your trip is going well. Enjoying the pictures of the antique stores you are going through. We were back in Great Bend this weekend helping Bud’s dad clean some things out of the house. Every time I started getting rid of something he would tell me people made collections of whatever I was trying to widdle down. My toughest one was his ball point pens. He had to have 500 of them. I finally told him he could keep one of each. When we got rid of the duplicates, we were down to 30. I told him he had a mighty fine collection .

    Doesn’t sound like your beer tray collection is increasing in size. Hope you find some before you head home. From Janet’s blog, sounds like you may be heading west in a little over a week! Yeah!!!

    Bet the nights get cold in the camper. From my experience, once that aluminum or whatever a camper is made of, absorbs the cold, it takes forever to warm up. Kind of like my tired old bones.

    Continued safe travels!

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