October 21st – Abingdon, VI

Another glorious morning!  We had a very quiet trail head last night.  I slept 8 straight hours.  Man did that feel good.  After about a half hour I crossed over into Virginia on my drive this morning.

My plan for the day was to check out Abingdon.  I had done some research and there were a number of antique stores there.  I love towns like Abingdon.  The streets are wide, parallel parking, and almost all the antique stores are on the same block.  It made for a quicker trip this morning.

Before I checked out the antique stores I visited a candy store.  Besides candy they also sold some gellato.   They had a lot of the old style candy that you seem to only find in a place like this.  I found a cute Pez dispenser for Violet.

As usual, I enjoyed my walks through the stores.  In one a vendor was selling real Confederate money.  I study that for a long time, but the pricing was too much for me, though I’m sure it was reasonably priced.

We have been streaming a lot of our shows while we’ve been on this trip.  Maytag is an advertiser that I see frequently when watching those shows.  I guess they are right when they mention Maytag dependability.

I couldn’t believe how realistic the artist made this piece.

This is the best one of these type coolers that I have ever seen.  It would be perfect at the front of a family style restaurant.  Only $2,750!

I had to smile when I saw this old transistor radio.  I remember how incredible we thought it was when you could actually walk around and listen to the radio.  I also remember that they had a lot of static.

Collecting soda bottles is a big hobby.  Even vendors that have a booth full of furniture will typically have a few soda bottles for sale as well.

One collecting hobby I really don’t understand is match books.  They do record a time in history.  It would take a while to go through this tub to find something in particular you were seeking.

I guess pop bottle caps are similar to collecting the bottles, but I would think those would be much harder to find since people typically just through those away.

I thought $395 was a little much for this thermometer even though it was in excellent condition.

When I was leaving Abingdon to head to Damascus to meet up with Janet, I came across a seller of classic cars.  Of course I had to stop.  Unfortunately the place was closed, so I put a few nose prints on the windows as I was ogling the cars.  They all looked to be in pristine condition.

Our plan was to spend the night at a trail head near Damascus, but when we got there we saw a sign that said it was closed from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.  So we headed up the road hoping to find another spot that would work.  We came across a hand painted sign reading “Sarge’s Pay Lake and Campground”.  Why not take a shot we thought.  It turned out to be a great idea.  The owner just retired after 19 years in the Army and he is an avid fisherman.  His dream was to have his own fishing lake and campground.  I would say that it would be more accurately  described as a pond.  It might be 1 acre in size.  There were a lot of trout in the “lake”.  The supposed RV sites are really flat spaces with a picnic table.  They do have 110 volt plug-ins, but no water or sewage.  In their favor is free wi-fi that actually works.  For the mere price of $20 we have a place to spend the night that we are sharing with a Boy Scout troop.

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  1. Hugh, I remember when my Mother had a machine that sort of looked like the one you showed. She had the washer and three tubs of water and she would place them so that she could swing the wringer around to each tub. One tub was hot and soapy for washing the dirt out. So we would use the wash stick and grab a piece and run it thru the wringer into the first rinse. The rinse tubs were cool water. We would take each piece and give it a good rinse, then run it thru the wringer into,the third tub for the second rinse, sometime, if they were “white clothes” we would add a bit of “bluing” in the second rinse to make them whiter. Then would come the light colored clothes and then the darker clothes. We had a small covered back porch and this is where my Mother did the washing. And yes, I got my hand caught in that ringer several times. Then, of course, they had to be hung on the line. The picture brought back sweet memories for me. That is, until the hanging on the line! My Mother insisted that all underwear be hung together as well as shirts, pants dresses, etc. Maybe that is why I am so anal about housekeeping!

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