October 20th – Sunny Day

We woke up to a sunny day.  Temperatures are on their way back up – thankfully!  We took our time getting ready for the day.  It was nice to not have to rush around.

After letting Janet off I drove directly to where we were to meet for the day.  We are truly up in the mountains some distance from any town of any size so there was nothing for me to explore.  I did see a flock of turkeys, a rabbit, a squirrel, and a deer on my drive.

Again Janet picked a great spot for us to meet.  We decided it was so good – quiet and level – that we would spend the night there as well.  It is a popular place for people to come for a hike, so I saw people coming and going through out the day.

Tomorrow we leave Tennessee and jump across the border back into Virginia.  I feel like we are on the home stretch now.


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