October 19th – A Great Find

We woke up this morning to bright sunshine, brisk breeze, and cold.  I felt sorry for Janet having to brave the cold and wind at the start of her hike.  She fortified herself with a couple cups of coffee so she started out warm.

I spent the day in Elizabethton, TN.  What made it good for me is that there were eight antique stores all within two blocks of each other in the downtown area.  None of the shops were anything special so it was something of a disappointment.  I didn’t see one beer tray all day!  I did come across a few things though.  I guess fishing poles and reels must be a thing as I saw a couple of displays.

People must collect the old straight-edge razors.  I’m sure glad I don’t have to try and shave with one of those.  I would probably go around each day with a piece of toilet paper stuck somewhere to stop the bleeding.

I’m not sure why the old Dick and Jane books were so popular once upon a time.  I checked out this book and the dialog went along the line of “Look Jane Look” or “Come Dick Come”.

I found the answer to my question yesterday as to where people find the old large outdoor Christmas bulbs – at another antique store.

One store I was in today had a neat old train that ran on a track above the 1st floor.

I did come across something for sale that I had never seen before, actual copies of Harper’s Weekly.  It was the national magazine during the 1860’s and 1870’s.  It was important in chronicling the Civil War.  Being a Civil War junkie I have always been interested to reading one to learn what they were reporting during that time and how accurate they were to actual events.  The seller had some 50 different editions for sale which was fun for me to look through.  I decided that I wanted to have one for myself so I picked one that talked about Sherman’s March to the Sea and Grant’s siege of Petersburg.  I think it is really neat to have a piece of history that’s 150 years old

Well we are definitely in the South.  What gave it away.  The selection of Sweet Tea at McDonald’s.  Something else that made this a good day was that the McDonald’s I visited also sold the sweet tea in a gallon jug.  I have never seen that before and was so happy to buy one for myself.

Janet found us a cheap campground, in Hampton, TN, to spend the night tonight.  It was only $30 with full hookups.  It was time to empty the waste tank.  Not only is it cheap, but with 5 LT, we have the strongest cell signal on our whole trip.  We spent the evening catching up on our favorite TV shows.

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