October 18th – Temptation On The Road

There is not much to report on today.  I spend all morning doing some chores that needed done.  You can’t play all the time!  I made a drive into Johnson City where I found a Wal Mart with a big parking lot.  I spent some time updating this blog.  When that was done I purchased a few things in the store and then headed to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.  With that completed I drove to where I was to meet Janet at the end of her hike.

I had a beautiful drive through the mountains with a lot on interesting old barns and houses to check out as I drove by.  Along a lonely stretch of road I came upon an abandoned barn which had two soft drink signs attached to the side – Teem & Dr. Pepper.  I know from all of my recent wanderings through antique stores that the signs together would easily sell for $500.  There were no houses around in any direction.  This was an isolated part of the road.  With the tools in my toolbox I have no doubt I could have quickly removed the signs from the barn, but I didn’t.  The old conscience would never let me feel good about it.  Hillary can tell you the two things that we wouldn’t stand for was lying and stealing when she was growing up.  I would have been a real hypocrite if I had taken the signs.  No one would probably have ever known, but I would have.  $500 could have bought be a lot of beer trays.

Janet picked a wonderful place for us to meet and spend the night.  I arrived about an hour before she did, so that gave me a chance to get the RV positioned for the night and watch the hikers that walked by.  Janet had a strenuous day so I grilled her a big steak to give her some needed protein.  Cell service was very weak so we spent a relaxing evening reading.

Off to bed.  It is not supposed to get quite as cold tonight.  I hope that holds true.

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