October 16th – Fan Boy?

When we went to bed last night both of us were complaining about how hot is was late at night.  Well that wasn’t a problem this morning.  During the night a cold front came in and it rained hard most of the night.  It was in the 30’s when we woke up which made it hard to get out of bed!

We had a pleasant drive to the overlook where Janet started her hike.  I had about 6 hours to kill before she finished so I headed to the town of Salem which had several antique malls.

I started at Charlotte’s Web which was the largest one in town.  I have seen these salt and pepper shakers in most of the stores I have been in on this trip.  Social norms have really changed in the past 50 years.  I don’t think they would be acceptable any longer.

Nor could a dairy get away with calling their chocolate milk “Sambos”.

I’ve noticed that a lot of vendors are mixing old items with new things you can buy every day at places like Hobby Lobby.  I have even seen Hobby Lobby tags on signs.  Are they really fooling people that the items are “antiques”?

One vendor had a selection of real concert posters from the sixties that I thought were very cool.  This one went for $75.  They had one from the Doors that was $150.

I like shops like this that have booths with a wide assortment of stuff.  For me that makes it more like a treasure hunt.

I then headed off to the Salem Antique Market.  This one was full of booths that features things from the 50’s and 60’s.

I almost bought this Popeye bank for Violet.  You rarely find these old metal banks in such great condition.  There was a slot to put in money but no easy way to get them out, so lucky for Hillary I left Popeye for someone else to enjoy.

For some reason I have really warms feelings for the old cake carrying cases.  I don’t have any use for one, but several times I thought about buying one.  I guess it’s because growing up there were a lot of get-to-gathers with extended family plus an annual family reunion where someone brought a cake in one of these cases.  It would be nice to have those again and need a cake case.

The only thing I bought here was a cold Grape Nehi.  They had a working old Coke cooler filled with almost extinct soft drink brands.  That opened up a conversation with the ladies at the counter.  They were talking about a yard sale the past weekend that raised $975.  I commented on how great that was which led one of the ladies to tell me all about her 17 year old son who is going to a local trade school to be a car mechanic.  The yard sale was to help raise $1,000 each for nice kids who wanted to go to Indianapolis for a trade school competition.  Her son and 3 classmates, two of which are girls, won first place last year in tearing down and put back together a 350 CI motor.  Without the use of air tools they did it in an incredible 13 minutes.  I find that truly remarkable.  The lady was so proud of her son.  I enjoyed our 15 minute conversation.

I had time to make one more stop before going to get Janet so the ladies recommended Buy The Season store.  That turned out to be pretty much a bust for me. The store was almost exclusively furniture and home decor items.  It wasn’t a total waste of time though.  Not long ago Violet watched the Wizard of OZ with her parents and really loved the movie so much that she is going to be Dorothy for Halloween.  When I found this marked 40% off I just had to get it for her.

So it was off to pick up Janet and head to a place we both wanted to visit .. Black Dog Salvage.  The people that run it have a TV show that highlights their business of reclaiming architectural salvage and selling it or re-purposing it to something else.  The people are really nice and they come up with some unusual things.  On the way there Janet cautioned me to not be a Fan Boy.  I think it is interesting to meet famous people which she doesn’t understand.

We had to park the old RV away from the store and walk there.  We went into the outside storage area that is used a lot in the filming.

We made our way around to the front of the store where the iconic rocket is located.

There were a lot of tourists like us in the store.  There at the front counter was Grayson the young women who is part of the salvage crew. I pointed her out to Janet who called me Fan Boy.  The place is full of interesting things which would be cool to integrate into a home you were building if you were rich.

While we were walking around Mike Whiteside, one of the two owners came up and asked if he could help use.  He tried to sell us a glass chandelier of grapes that was in one of their shows.  Truly a warm and friendly guy.  Janet made him laugh.  He was much bigger than he appears on the show.  I understand better how he is able to do the heavy work they show him doing.  I do have to admit being a little star struck.  I meant to find out if they had any reclaimed American Chestnut planks that I could turn into our kitchen table.  By the time I remembered it Mike was long gone.  Well I did get the t-shirt I wanted.

Not knowing is we would make it back to Roanoke I asked Janet to let me stop at the Roanoke Antique Mall on the way out of town.

I am amazed of what I find sometimes so far away from home.  I came across a Royals Cookbook from 1969 the first year the team was in existence.  Seems like an odd promotional material to me.

The book contained the favorite recipe of players, front office personnel, scouts, and ticket sellers.

I’ll probably kick myself later, but I didn’t spend the $8 to buy the book.  I spent too much time walking the orderly aisles.

I remember really loving Huckleberry Hound cartoons when I was a kid.  I wonder if he still exists today?

I wonder what “Scientifically Processed” meant and was someone thought that would be something important to a person buying potato chips.

When I was a kid, my mother got me interesting in collecting stamps and gave me her childhood collection to get started.  There was a post office 50 yards from my Grandmother’s apartment and every weekend we went to visited I rummaged through their trash cans getting stamps off undelivered mail.  I remembered being called a “trash hound” for that.  Not sure that was a term of endearment?  Anyway, I would have killed to get sheets of stamps like these when I was a kid.  It was something special if you could just get the four stamps from the corner with the sequence number.

Another childhood memory is the Saturday afternoon TV with the Lone Ranger reruns.  I couldn’t believe what incredible condition this 60 year old metal toy was in.  It looked like it had never been played with.  Unfortunately the key that winds it up and makes the Lone Ranger’s horse rear up was missing.

I have my answer to the question I had the other day.  There are people who collect Mr. Peanut stuff.  Here’s a book to tell you all about those things and how much they are worth.

Janet decided she wants to finish her hiking at a special place.  Roanoke is near it so we headed down to Tennessee so she will now hike North to finish up her AT adventure.  Because I spent so much time looking in the last antique mall it we were late getting started with a 3 hour trip to our next trail head.  We decided we would just stop for the night at a roadside rest stop.  We’ve done that several times.  We found a problem to that plan as Tennessee only allows 2 hour parking.  We ended up driving to Kingsport, TN where we found (are you ready for it?) a Wal Mart we could part in the lot for the night.  So that’s today’s adventure.

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